Katy Perry Already Debuted 2018's Most Unexpected Nail Art

We've certainly witnessed our fair share of surprising nail art ideas through the years, from manicures inspired by tampons and the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino to nails featuring plastic blinking eyeballs. It looks like Katy Perry is the latest source of yet another unexpected nail art design that's taking over the internet. The pop star took to Instagram to debut an intricate mani inspired by cryptocurrency, a digital form of currency that's gained popularity the past few years. Behold, the very random yet somewhat badass nail art in all its glory:

LA-based nail guru Britney Tokyo came up with the topical design, applying the logos of each major cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and some of its successors like Litecoin and Monero, on top of a dollar-bill background.

When the "Swish Swish" singer posted her so-called "crypto claws," as she referred to them in her Instagram caption, on Twitter, people understandably had a lot of thoughts to share. Leave it to Katy to combine two worlds we never thought would collide.

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