Copy These Khaleesi Braided Hair Ideas Before Game of Thrones

If you thought the Elsa braid was a phenomenon, just wait for the Daenerys braid. Like the Frozen ice queen's, Khaleesi's plait — or shall we said braids — has been a viral look for a few seasons now. There are a lot of factors that make her hairstyles so covetable. First, she has Instagram-worthy white-blond mermaid hair. Second, the intricate multilayer braids are eye-catching and perfect for the bridesmaid who wants to spice up her gown.

Women are taking to social media to show off their interpretations of Daenerys's 'dos. Though we have seen it mostly on blondes, there are a handful of brunettes who make it look equally chic. There's even a @GameofBraids Instagram handle! Keep reading to see some of our favorite styles for you to try in honor of the show's return to TV. And show off your fandom by trying one out, and share it using the hashtag #KhaleesiHair.