What This Sweet Dad Is Doing For His Son Who Loves Makeup

Makeup is a form of artistic self-expression, and like art, there are no boundaries for who can participate, be it a girl or boy.

If you love something, do it.

At least that's the motto for one family. In a heartwarming blog post, "Real Dads Let Their Sons Do Their Makeup," one father opened up about his youngest son C.J.'s passion for makeup and even lets C.J. practice his skills on him.

"A couple of years ago, C.J. asked if I would allow him to do my makeup. Of course I said yes," wrote the dad. "Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't I want to be a part of something that brings joy to my son's life?"

The rock-star father even shared photos from their playtime when C.J. had all his eye shadows and lipsticks out, ready to give his father a glamorous makeover. Apparently, C.J. knows exactly what shadows will bring out his dad's baby-blue eyes. Though the dad admits he personally has no interest in beauty or fashion, if that's what his son loves, he will participate because it's about respecting his child's interests. And instead of discouraging C.J.'s feminine side, the whole family has chosen to embrace it, with the mom even writing a book on raising a non-gender-conforming child.

"My son doing my makeup is the same as a dad throwing a football with his son. It's not about what you are doing together; it's about doing it together," he said. "It's about encouraging your children to engage with you. It's about spending time with your child doing something they enjoy doing."

The dad acknowledged that one day C.J. may have a career as a makeup artist . . . or, as we're hoping, his very own beauty vlog.

This post was originally published on April 1, 2016.