This New Brand Is For Everyone Who Loves the Outdoors, Clean Beauty, and Great Packaging

Mosquitoes love me. (Insert the cheesy "I'm so sweet" joke here.) But bug spray is not my friend: I inevitably get it in my mouth and spend the rest of my s'mores-eating evening with a numb tongue, tasting pennies instead of chocolate and marshmallow. Natural bug spray is a better option for me, but it rarely does anything to keep me bite-free.

So when I met Nichole Powell, the founder of the brand Kinfield — which just launched this week — and she explained her brand's vision, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the products. Powell grew up in Minnesota and set out to create a clean, natural line for her outdoor adventures — but it had to look good and work, too. Kinfield does it all, and it's more than just bug spray. The brand currently boasts three multitasking beauty products.

For me, it's all about the DEET-free mosquito repellent called Golden Hour ($22). It has citronella, lemongrass, and clove oils, which means it smells like my favorite citrus perfume, and it doesn't mess around. I took it to a backyard barbecue and mosquitoes avoided me completely. Meanwhile, other people were feasted upon — so I know this stuff works.

I'm also very into Waterbalm ($18), a moisturizer stick. While there are plenty of other hydrating sticks these days, this one melts into a gel-like texture on skin and smells fresh and clean — almost like baby lotion.

Finally, there's Sunday Spray ($22), a cooling mist with spearmint, cucumber, and aloe that's going to be my go-to refresher when I'm stuck on a sweltering NYC subway platform this August. See? These products aren't only for the outdoorsy among us.