Everything We Know So Far About Kim Kardashian Beauty's August Launches

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If you love KKW Beauty more than Kanye loves Kanye, it looks like August will be your favorite month. As you probably know, the brand's initial contour kits' launch in June turned out to be a beauty Hunger Games, selling out in a crazy-fast three hours. Now, Kim has just shared that she's back with a new, secret product that's coming later this month.

It all began with a 'gram that featured Kim and Desi Perkins together. The two are filming a tutorial à la Kim's July video with Jaclyn Hill. But unlike that collaboration, where the two got ready using products from Sisley, Armani, and Chanel, Kim and Desi will use the platform as an opportunity to debut new products from their respective lines. If you recall, Desi has teamed up with her best friend and fellow beauty influencer Lustrelux to release a hotly anticipated beauty brand.

We're not sure what, exactly, these products will be, but the Internet has a few theories. That's because shortly after posting the initial selfie with Desi, Kim also posted this picture of three gorgeous models, who are all supposedly sporting the new launch.

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OK, so are we watching Netflix's new series Glow? Because their highlighting game is that strong. Most fans agree that, as the overwhelmingly popular theory floating in the comments section can attest, this new product has to be a highlighter.

Others surmised that it might be a brow or eye-shadow palette, but that seems less likely because this snap is skin-focused. That's probably why some guessed foundation, which would be incredible considering the models' range of skin tones. Since these aren't full-coverage looks, however, it could also be a BB cream.

One wild-card commenter suggested that the mystery product might be hair gel, which would be quite the happy surprise (but not entirely unexpected, since "Kardashian hair" is such a Google-able phrase . . . Jen Atkin, we salute you).

While we respectfully consider highlighter the most probable option, we also love a good surprise product. We'll just have to wait maniacally refresh our IG feeds to find out.