Take a Virtual Vacation to South Korea With These 6 Nail Art Trends From the Area

Some of the most beautiful nail art looks that you've seen on the Explore page of your Instagram were born in South Korea (often at the hands of Seoul-based nail artist, Eunkyung Park). Shattered glass nails and manicures adorned with meticulously bent pieces of wire are among some of the high-shine, creative works of art that come from South Korea.

Of course, with travel off the table (at least for now), the next best thing comes by way of a virtual vacation. To help, we've rounded up the most beautiful nail art trends that have emerged from South Korea. Check them out, ahead.

Wire Nail Art Trend

Park kicked off the wire manicure trend — nails that use tiny pieces of bent wire to create images and accents — back in 2017. She told POPSUGAR that the look was inspired by a "neon sign made from wires."

When creating the look, it's important to her that the wires feel comfortable on the nail. To ensure that it doesn't feel too heavy, Park said that she had to "look for the thinnest wire in the world."

High-Heel Nail Art Trend

Nail artists at Unistella salon in South Korea debuted the high-heel nail art trend in 2017. The look incorporates a thick stripe of color with negative space at its side, made to look like the heel of a shoe.

Glass Nail Art Trend

The glass nail art manicure uses tiny pieces of iridescent paper to create the look of shattered glass on your nail beds. Park told POPSUGAR that she came up with the idea while trying to recreate the iridescence of oyster shells. She explained that she used candy wrappers the first time she tried to create the look. "Candy wrappers had the same light reflecting effect but it was too wrinkly and felt uncomfortable on nails," she said. She then cut the material into smaller pieces to make them feel less heavy.

Bracelet Nail Art Trend

It's the manicure you'll want to match with your best friend. Bracelet nail art uses colorful, short-cut thread and metal to make it look like your nails are wearing the pieces of jewelry.

Lipstick Nail Shape Trend

Park's latest looks have featured a slanted, lipstick shape. The shape is usually filed onto the tips of extra long nails. Park said that she found her inspiration for the shape at a photo shoot. "As I was working at a photo shoot for a cat's eye shaped sunglasses, I thought it would be interesting to shape my nails into that shape and gave it a try," she told POPSUGAR. "It turned out like a lipstick shape, so I did it on my nails immediately."

Iridescent Nails

According to Park, iridescent nails — the look that magically shifts colors in the light — is taking over Korea.

Creating these nails at home is as simple as two steps. "In order to create the pearly, metallic nails, you can apply a non-wipe top gel and rub some metallic powder on top of it," Park said. She's worn the trend with lines, logos, flame designs, and even neon hues (one of this Summer's biggest nail trends).