Kourtney Kardashian Just Got Very Political About Cosmetics Regulation

Kourtney Kardashian is having a very busy day. On April 24 — the launch date for her makeup collaboration with sister Kylie — the 39 year old headed to Washington DC to attend a cosmetics briefing with Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook, who is championing for updated cosmetics legislation.

After taking a few requisite selfies in the Capitol, Kourtney spoke to her experience using cosmetics and personal care products. According to Cook, requirements for brands that create makeup have remained mostly unchanged since legislation first passed back in 1938. He and Kourtney hope the guidelines will change to make beauty products safer for modern consumers.

The mother of three made the personal political by speaking about what kind of safe options she uses on her children. "When I had my first son, I started really learning so much about the foods that I was feeding him and it just kind of all snowballed," she said at the hearing. "As a mom, you really take so much interest in the products . . . and it's so crazy."

She went on to recall, "I would get so many baby gifts and a lot of it was products, skincare products for my kids. And I would use the things that people sent me just assuming these are baby products and that they should be safe. And it's really amazing that the best products that you can buy . . . and I remember learning from my mom friends that these were not healthy at all. Some of them had a lot of toxic chemicals, so I just started researching myself."

Since Kourtney is a working mother, she noted that she doesn't always "have the time" to research every single product she uses. As she said, "I do feel like it's time for Congress to do its job," and update cosmetics regulations.

When asked about her own family's beauty empire and the ingredients their brands use, Kourtney got candid. "My sisters' products have been checked by EWG and they scored well," she said. "Those are their companies, but I think it would be nice if there were laws to regulate cosmetics so that the people running these businesses and these companies can have some standard of what to use. Right now it's like a guessing game."

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 24:  Reality TV-Star Kourtney Kardashian attends a briefing on Capitol Hill in support of bipartisan legislation aimed at reforming how the FDA regulates the personal care products industry in the Russell Senate Office Building on A
Getty | Paul Morigi

In the past, Kourtney has written on her app that she only wears natural deodorants. "Changing over to an all-natural deodorant seemed like an important thing to do when I heard that when people are diagnosed with breast cancer, they are told to immediately discontinue using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants," she wrote. "Although research connecting the parabens and aluminum from these product directly with breast cancer is inconclusive, I like to play it safe."

Kourtney is also an ambassador for Manuka Doctor, an Australian brand that creates products made with cruelty-free honey and bee venom.

Along with speaking like a total pro, Kourtney rocked a simple, black pantsuit that made us wonder — are politics in her future? That certainly would make upcoming episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians very juicy, indeed.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 24:  Reality TV-Star Kourtney Kardashian (R) joins Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook at a briefing on Capitol Hill in support of bipartisan legislation aimed at reforming how the FDA regulates the personal care products
Getty | Paul Morigi