Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Weekend Nail Polish Color Is the Perfect One to Take Through the Rest of Fall

Kylie Jenner's affinity for good nail art has been apparent this year, between her butterfly designs, neon drips, and gradient french tips (that look great on all nail lengths). Her manicure for Halloween weekend is just the latest to add to her list of looks, as she revealed a nail polish color that is quintessential to Fall.

Jenner debuted a burgundy polish on extralong nails with square tips. The nails appeared to have a matte finish that makes the nail art that much more eye-catching.

The nail polish color falls within a family of hues that nail professional and brand owner Jin Soon Choi predicted would be popular this season. "Red, burgundy, berry — these deep shades are emblematic of Fall and represent a sophisticated twist on quintessential bright red nail polish while still being feminine and classic," she said. "They are timeless colors that cross from classic to modern and feminine to bold — making them perfect for all Autumn occasions."

Though Jenner wore the look during Halloween weekend, it's one you're going to want to take through November and well into Winter.

Check out the nail polish shade, ahead.