Kylie Jenner's Moody New Hair Color Is Our Favorite Shade Yet

In addition to her famous lips (and related lip kit), Kylie Jenner loves using social media to show off her latest hair color. She's tried cotton candy shades of pink and blue, various blonds, and even deep emerald green. This past weekend, the star tried a completely new rainbow hue for an appearance at the Sugar Factory in Orlando, FL: navy.

We especially love this color because it looks very close to Kylie's standard black mane — that is, until she turns her head. That's when her midnight strands catch the light to reveal their sapphire undertones. While it's an unexpected choice for Spring, it's very chic.

Sadly, she's has already returned to black hair. (The navy shade came courtesy of a wig that hair master TokyoStylez provided for her event.) But after seeing all these shots, we're quite hopeful that Kylie makes a more permanent commitment to a midnight-blue mane! You will be, too, when you read on.