Lil Nas X's YSL Beauty Campaign Is Unapologetically Bold

On Sept. 22, YSL Beauty revealed Lil Nas X's first campaign as its new US ambassador, and the video will have you equal parts teary eyed and cheering. The clip, soundtracked by an original song from the artist, shows Lil Nas X putting on different shades of lipstick from YSL's new "The Bold" line, which the brand claims is its most innovative and highly pigmented formula to date. The song, which has yet to be released in its entirety, details the singer's plight to overcome his insecurities and be his most bold, authentic self.

As Gen Z continues to break the mold and leave their mark on the beauty industry, brands are increasingly finding new ways to connect with the audience. "Lil Nas X embodies YSL Beauty's vision for the future of the beauty industry: boundary-breaking, unique, unapologetic, bold," Laetitia Raoust, general manager at YSL Beauty US, told POPSUGAR in a press release. "The synergies between the brand and Lil Nas X's unwavering passion for individuality are the inspiration behind this partnership, with the hope it empowers the next generation of beauty."

Watch the new campaign video starring Lil Nas X below.