Lip Smacker's New Aguas Frescas Lip Balm Will Have You Feeling JUICY

In my mind, I'm sitting on a beach in Tulum, Mexico, sipping on an ice-cold horchata; in reality, I'm pressed against a half-broken AC venting my pits and cursing the heat. Luckily, Lip Smacker just dropped an adorable way to cool down: Aguas Frescas lip balm, anyone?

These four new pout-soothers are inspired by the fruit-infused Mexican drinks. Each one comes in a tropical flavor that's bound to make your mouth water. While you're at it, we guarantee the beverage-esque packaging will also make you smile. Read on to see each iteration, from Strawberry Orange to Guava Pineapple.

Can't pick a favorite? No biggie — you can scoop up the full collection for $16.