Comic-Book Fans, Get Ready: Lip Smacker's Marvel Collection Is Baaaack

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Lip Smacker has always made lip balms feel fun again — and in the past, it's even made super ones. A few years back, the brand launched a set of Lip Smacker Marvel Super Hero Balms in the shapes of some of your favorite comic-book characters. Now, the collection is back with a few new additions.

Included in the lineup are two returning classics — Spider-Man and Captain America — plus two new superheroes: Black Panther and Iron Man. To use the balms, remove the hero's head and slide up the switch on the back of the figure to reveal the product. Each of the four lip balms comes with its own special scent. Black Panther smells like crisp tangerine, Spider-Man smells of sweet pomegranate, Captain America smells like blueberry, and Iron Man smells of strawberry.

Read on to see the collection in full.