How to Master Lizzie McGuire Beauty For Halloween

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Like all tweens of the early 2000s, I worshiped at the altar of Lizzie McGuire. Her relatable problems (I did not want to become an outfit repeater) and incredibly colorful style made her an icon for tweens everywhere.

The best part of Lizzie and her classmates' looks were the insane hairstyles that seemed to suggest that the students of Hillridge Junior High had hours to style their hair before school every day. The spunky hairstyles usually included at least three small braids, a few buns, and a lot of hair accessories. The over-the-top hair is colorful, fun, and perfect for Halloween.

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If you're thinking of channeling Lizzie or her friends this year, we're about to make it much easier. From frosted eye shadow to a hair crimper, we have the shopping list you need to master Lizzie McGuire style once and for all.

Watch the makeup and hair tutorial above, and then read on to shop the products that will make your costume complete.