12 Beauty Products Lizzo Swears By on Tour

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Lizzo may be pretty busy topping the charts and dominating award shows, but she still makes time to put as much effort into her beauty routine as she does her ascending career. The 31-year-old "Truth Hurts" singer recently caught up with The New York Times, where she talked about her beauty and skincare regimen, and how she learned the hard way that sleeping in your makeup isn't exactly the best beauty practice.

"I was on the road, and I was sleeping in my makeup a bunch," she said. "It was so embarrassing. What am I, a child? And I was waking up and thinking I'm invincible, nothing can happen to me! Then one day my face broke out — not even broke out in acne, but red and irritated. I was like, 'Oh my God, this is what happens when you party all night and you don't wash off your makeup.'"

Lizzo continued, "It was really scary. I thought my skin would never come back." Despite her fears, though, Lizzo was able to get her skin in better shape after a bit of "skin rehab" and some solid recommendations from her makeup artist, Alexx Mayo — and, thankfully, she shared a few of them with the world. Read ahead to see and shop a few items that have become staples in the Lizzo's beauty bag while on tour.