It Took 5 People to Carry Lizzo's 43-Foot Braids Out of Her Trailer For the "Rumors" Video

In the name of good hair, Lizzo's beauty team demonstrated some Herculean strength during a behind-the-scenes clip from her new "Rumors" music video featuring Cardi B. Dressed like a goddess of style and lightning, the "Good as Hell" singer exited her trailer followed by five assistants who were tasked with carrying all 43 and a half feet of her braids, styled by hairstylist Shelby Swain, for the shoot.

"BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE 43 AND A HALF FOOT BRAIDS I HAD IN 'RUMORS'— LITERALLY THE LONGEST BRAIDS IN THE WORLD ASK @guinnessworldrecords !!!!" she captioned a video on Instagram showing the magnificent moment. While there's no confirmation on the Guinness World Records website that Lizzo has the longest braids, the record for longest handmade textile braid is 5,217 feet and five inches, and the record for longest hair growing out of somebody's head is 18 feet and five inches. Still, with hair longer than my apartment is wide, we're willing to bet Lizzo could have the longest braids of any individual person around.

Watch Lizzo's glorious hair reveal here, and see her lengthy braids in action in the full "Rumors" music video ahead. And if you still can't get enough of her glamorous look, check out exactly which makeup products went into giving Lizzo her golden glow for the music video here.

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