Lush Sells a 2-Pound Bath Bomb, So Picking It Up Almost Counts as a Workout

Headquartered in the UK, Lush has become known and loved worldwide for creating festive bath bombs, such as the cognac-scented Golden Wonder ($8).

But this is America, and here we like to supersize things — so allow us to introduce you to the Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. It's a six-pound version of its predecessor, and we only have two questions: (1) how do we get our hot little hands on this bad boy, and (2) does lifting it up count as a workout?

The jury's still out on the latter, but we do have deets on the former. The Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb ($20) is a limited edition, and if you want to make the US Postal Service do the heavy lifting, you can buy it online at Lush now.

The lime- and orange-scented fizzer will also expand into stores on Dec. 15, so you better start on those weight reps now so you can lug it home.