The Proceeds From This New Lush Bath Melt Go Toward Transgender Rights Charities

A night of self-care is important, but there's more to Lush products than colorful fizzle and suds. The brand, which was just named one of Forbes's best employers for diversity, is well known for releasing products that benefit a good cause. For instance, the proceeds from the brand's Charity Pot Lotion ($8) go to funding organizations that help fight for environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. Now, another product will serve an equally important charitable purpose. Meet the new, heart-shaped Inner Truth Bath Melt ($6, out Feb. 15). All of its sales will go directly toward transgender rights causes.

This is all in honor of Lush's #TransRightsAreHumanRights campaign, which kicks off today. The next time you stop by your local Lush, you'll see the store's usually bright displays taken down. In their place will be quotes from Lush staff members about gender identity, such as, "My identity is not a trend."

In a press release, Lush explained that the goal of this campaign is to raise $450,000 for trans rights activist groups. The brand will also launch the hub, which aims to provide resources for anyone in the trans or questioning community. Brick-and-mortar stores will give away 75,000 "How to Be an Ally" manuals to cisgender shoppers. Along with that, shops will be home to community events, and the brand will use its Snapchat to discuss hot-button trans issues and release short documentaries on the topic.

Just another reason you're overdue for a bubble bath.