1 Woman Shows How Gorgeous MAC's New Mascara Looks on Lashes

I'll be the first to tell you that I haven't regularly used a MAC mascara in quite some time for no reason in particular. MAC's Extended Play Lash mascara has always been in and out of my beauty drawer, however (even if not used consistently). But it looks like MAC's appearances are soon going to be a regular thing in my beauty routine as I have fallen in love with the new Bold and Bad Lash ($23) mascara!

This new dual-chamber mascara is game changing; it has separate brushes for upper lashes and lower lashes, not to mention a different formula for each! As someone who often finds myself having to use some kind of eyeliner for my waterlines to even out mascara for both my top lashes and my bottom lashes, this mascara is revolutionary for me.

The larger brush instantly added volume to my lashes with just one coat, plus the formula is lightweight and doesn't weigh down my lashes (#bless). When trying to put mascara on bottom lashes, I often find myself smudging the bottom lashes together, which creates an unruly look I often have to spend time cleaning up. The small brush's formula is specifically designed to give you a smudge-proof definition.

Check out my before and after pictures ahead, and do yourself a favor and get this mascara.