Madelaine Petsch Gave Herself a Gel Manicure at Home, Fancy Drill and All

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Madelaine Petsch recently shared that she's putting a lot more focus on self-care these days, and that includes taking care of her nails. For the latest installment in her series of "I Try" videos on her YouTube channel, the Riverdale actress shared a video in which she attempted to give herself a gel manicure at home, fancy drill and all. Petsch explained at the start of the video that she purchased a portable electric nail drill on Amazon and recently used it on her toes while giving herself a pedicure; it worked out surprisingly well for her, so she figured she'd give it a go on her hands as well — against her manicurist Tom Bachik's wishes.

"I was texting my nail guy — Tom, who does me for events and stuff — the other day about what equipment I should be getting on Amazon in order to achieve my normal nail look," she said while drilling the paint off of her nails. "He was, like, advising me not to do this." Petsch acknowledged that using a drill probably isn't as safe as the alternative but mentioned that she chose to do it because it was faster.

Once she got off all of her baby-blue polish, she followed up by trimming her cuticles and later painting her nails with a dark purple color. Watch the video above to check out her results.