Madelyn Cline, Tell Me More About This New, Dainty Tattoo

Madelyn Cline just got a new tattoo, and I'd love for her to tell me (us) more. Tattoo artist Kate McDuffie of The Ghost Kat unveiled the Outer Banks star's fresh ink on her Instagram Wednesday, offering a closeup look of the dainty hand tattoo. The words "Tell me more" now read across Cline's index finger in thin, capital letters.

The actress also shared the tattoo on her Instagram shortly after, though she has yet to reveal the meaning behind the ink. "I just let her do her thing," she wrote alongside Kate's post. The letters appear to be Cline's first visible tat, and while finger tattoos are notoriously painful, I'm very into this discreet, delicate choice. Ahead, get a zoomed-in view of the gorgeous little tat and get inspired by more celebrity hand tattoos.