This Magnetic Brush Set Will Change Your Life

Beauty hygiene is often overlooked, but it's of paramount importance. We're not talking about avoiding those shady testers at the department store — we mean maintaining a level of cleanliness in your own makeup kit. Hands down, the biggest burden is makeup brushes. Not only do dirty tools cause breakouts, but they just aren't as efficient at laying down product. Plus, it's not necessary to clean your brushes more than once a week, but they're all (shudder) touching each other between touch-ups.

Makeup artist Rae Morris came out with a brilliant solution that's not just hygienic but chic: her new Rae Frame ($61) and her entire line of brushes are magnetic! The brushes' magnets are on the ends of each tool's handle, so they can stand straight out from the frame. Read: you'll never have to lay your brushes on a sketchy surface ever again. "They also can be organized so that they don't touch other brushes that may be covered in glitter or eye shadow, which you don't want your foundation brush to touch," said Rae.

The frame also helps extend your brushes' life spans. When brushes lie flat to dry, they can lose their shape. Standing them straight up isn't an option, either. "When working with high-quality brushes with wooden handles, water can sit in the handle, which can soften the glue and swell the wood, making the hairs fall out sooner than they should," said Rae. "Upside down is the best way to dry them."

Though the frame is narrow and superportable, we understand the germaphobia that would come with displaying the brushes in their downtime (hello, dust!). Rae likes to hang her brushes on her eyeglass frames as she works and uses the magnets to find bobby pins and car keys in a packed handbag. Clean and clever!