What to Know About the Marble Nail-Art Trend

Just like a marble countertop can instantly elevate your kitchen or bathroom decor, the same can be said about your nail art. Inspired by the design you often see in home magazines, the marble-nails trend offers the same look but with the added benefit of being highly portable. Plus, unlike its distant cousin, the squiggly french tip, there are many variations to choose from.

In fact, the type of marble design you opt for is up to your imagination. When re-creating this look on your nails, many technicians step out of the quintessential single-color minimalist nails that have become increasingly popular; instead, you can lean on all sorts of colors and finishes. Lizzo, for example, previously showed off a dainty marble manicure featuring pink and white, while Megan Thee Stallion briefly wore something similar, with hers featuring a brown-and-white color palette.

How to Do Marble Nails at Home

If you prefer an at-home manicure, marble nail designs are one of those trends you can easily get at home. Since it's similar to the look of Kintsugi nails, the process is actually almost identical.

After adding your preferred base coat, use gold or silver chrome flakes, or a metallic nail polish, to achieve the marbleized effect. With a nail-art brush, you can make lines that "resemble your favorite tile, pottery, or marbleized look," celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo previously told POPSUGAR. For a more "intentionally carefree" look, aim for a design that resembles uneven cracks. Finish it off with a topcoat, which can be shiny or matte, depending on the look you're going for.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to marble nail art — options are only as limited as your imagination. So if you're looking for some inventive ways to wear the trend, read ahead for a little inspiration.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

Marble Nail Designs: Brown and White

Lizzo gave fans a peek of her marble nails back in 2021 with this brown-and-white design.

Marble Nail Designs: Black and White

Black and white will forever be a classic combination, and this manicure serves as proof. A white base only makes the black marble design stand out even more. Combined with deep-french nail art? Perfection.

Marble Nail Designs: Green and Gold

Another winning combination for marble nail designs? Green and gold. You're sure to invite some luck into your life with this gorgeous set.

Marble Nail Designs: Beige and Browns

Nothing screams fall like a set of brown nails, but why not take your marble designs up a notch by adding complementary colors for a monochromatic theme?

Marble Nail Designs: Rose Gold

For a metal, rose gold almost acts like a neutral when it comes to marble nails. The color gives a "my nails but better" look with a hint of something extra.

Marble Nail Designs: Coffee Brown

Brown marble nails don't have to just use light tan colors. Give yourself a coffee-inspired marble manicure by using a deep-brown color as the base and marbling with lighter tones of the same shade.

Marble Nail Designs: Green and Pink

You don't have to fit all your colors onto one nail when it comes to your marble manicure. Take this design, which uses green marbling on the middle fingers and thumbs for the design and light pink for the rest.

Marble Nail Designs: Pink and White

Another perfect my-nails-but-better marble design combination? Pink and white.

Marble Nail Designs: White and Gold

Take the pink and white design up a notch with the addition of gold for a gorgeous chrome accent to the manicure.