Megan Fox's Aura Nails Are Very On-Brand For Her

We can see Megan Fox's aura, and it's as gorgeous as she is. OK, maybe it's not her real aura, but on Aug. 20, Fox's manicurist Brittney Boyce posted a picture of the actor's latest manicure, and her "aura" nail art is simply captivating.

Captioning the photo, "Cotton Candy Aura," Fox's nails were filed into a long stiletto shape with a powdery-blue color as the base. The abstract design was created using pink nail polish in a circular, gradient pattern. Lastly, a glossy top coat was added to give a high-shine finish.

Aura nails have become an increasingly popular nail-art look, and for good reason. "[They] are really bright and colorful, so they give off a great energy and match almost everything in your closet," Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon, previously told POPSUGAR. "This nail art is very New Age meets Gen Z because the colors of the manicures are way more interpretive and expansive than the usual aura-chart colors."

While the nails seem particularly fitting for summer because of the bright colors used, there's no reason you can't re-create Fox's manicure in the coming months using moodier hues for fall. Take a closer look at her nails below.