The Planets Aligned to Create Megan Thee Stallion's Out-of-This-World Galaxy Manicure

Keep your eyes open for any shooting stars rocketing through the night sky, because that might be your opportunity to wish for a manicure as out-of-this-world as Megan Thee Stallion's. The hand-painted galaxy manicure features snippets from across the universe, including planets, nebulae, and stars made out of glitter. With such a detailed design, it feels impossible not to get lost in the tiny universes at the tips of Megan's fingers. The slanted tips and glistening finish add an even more futuristic edge to her nails, and we'd love to get her nail artist's phone number in our orbit to replicate the look ASAP.

Intricate, glossy, and just as hypnotic as the cosmos themselves, Megan's intergalactic nails are a work of art, and we're already lamenting the day she replaces them with a new set. Get a glimpse of Megan's trippy outer-space manicure here.