Melissa Joan Hart's '90s Beauty Style Was Pure Magic

In the '90s, Melissa Joan Hart was the coolest teen around starring as Sabrina the Teenage Witch (after telling kids like it is on Clarissa Explains It All). Not only was she sweet and funny, but the actress also gave us incredible hair and makeup inspiration in every role she played.

Whether she was dancing alongside Britney Spears in You Drive Me Crazy or winning over Harvey Kinkle as a teenage witch, Hart always had stellar pigtails and an incredible selection of hair accessories. We rounded up some of our favorite witch's best beauty looks and are inspired to bring back even more '90s trends.

On Clarissa Explains It All, Hart made a strong case for bangs and headbands.

Hart reinforced your belief that scrunchies were a hair accessory essential.

Hart's deep side part and barrette during an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch were exactly how you always wanted your hair to look as a kid.

Many '90s kids were always praying they'd master Sabrina's cool asymmetrical part and also her ability to make magical cookies.

You most likely begged your mom for pigtails and hair barrettes just like Sabrina's.

You probably remember screaming at the top of your lungs when you saw your two favorites, Britney Spears and Hart, team up in the "You Drive Me Crazy" video with the coolest pigtails in the history of hairstyles.

Hart proved she knew her beauty history when she dressed as Cher long before Kim Kardashian expressed her devotion.

Hart inspired us to experiment with our makeup when she wore purple eye shadow and red lipstick while in a band on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.