I Ditched My Eyebrow Pencil After a Decade For This Volumizing Pomade

POPSUGAR Photography | Krista Jones
POPSUGAR Photography | Krista Jones
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I have tried more brow products than I even want to admit. After nearly a decade of filling in my light, sparse brows, I can't tell you how many time I thought I found the "holy grail" pencil I couldn't live without. That all changed when I tried the Merit Brow 1980 Voumizing Mouse Pomade ($24). When I first saw it, my first thought was, "what's a pomade?" After a little research, I was sold.

The tinted pomade helps stick your hairs together, but not only does it put them in shape, it also helps give them a little more color. For me, this is exactly what I always needed, but I was getting from two products before. I used to use a pencil for fill and clear gel to shape them. This product does the duty of both.

It also helps gives me the appearance of much fuller brows.

My brows are somewhere between blonde and brown, and I opted for the lighter blonde shade. Unlike other tinted gels I've tried in the past, the color doesn't feel too heavy or too little. It easily spreads across my lighters hairs giving them a darker shade, so they all match and blender together. This helps gives me the appearance of much fuller brows by filling in my light spots. Plus, the tapered precision brush makes it easy to reach every nook and cranky. I can truly add color and shape to them better than ever before.

While I'm not quite ready to throw my pencil in the trash, this is hands down my new favorite everyday product. My whole routine feels more simple, quicker, and honestly, I think it looks way more natural. Keep reading to see the three shades it comes in and see how it looks on others.