30 Incredible Mermaid Makeup Ideas That Make Ariel Look Like a Basic Fish

We adore The Little Mermaid, but it's no secret: short of running a fork dinglehopper through her hair, Ariel's beauty routine is a little lackluster. And as dedicated members of the cult of cosmetics, we wish that there were more glitter and glamour in her look. Come on! After all, a synonym for mermaid is siren, so you'd think her sense of style would be a bit more bewitching, no?

On our quest for more magnificent marine makeup ideas, we happened upon #MermaidMakeup on Instagram. Through this, we came across women who'd bedazzled themselves from tips to tail with gleaming crystals, shimmering scales, and plenty of vibrant colors — all fit for a jaunt through an underwater kingdom. Quite frankly, even the most modest of mermaid makeup creations make Ariel look like nothing but a basic fish.

Read on! We sifted through all the spectacular creations to pull the best ones, perfect for wearing on your next beach vacation or trip to a water park (let all the haters stare!). Nervous these fabulous looks will rinse off as you frolic in the surf? Stock up on setting spray before attempting to re-create any of the following seaworthy styles.