Miley Cyrus Details the Similarities Between Scent and Songwriting: "Both Involve Trial and Error"

Gucci | Petra Collins
Gucci | Petra Collins

To Miley Cyrus, crafting a fragrance requires about the same level of complexity and detail as writing a song. This would explain the Plastic Hearts singer's newest project as the face of Gucci's new Flora Gorgeous Gardenia fragrance, of which she also recorded a song to go with the campaign.

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia ($115) is a soft floral scent that Gucci officially launched on July 28. Shot by photographer Petra Collins, the fragrance's campaign images were given a bright, retro aesthetic, and its official anime-inspired video was soundtracked by a cheerful and upbeat tune Cyrus recorded to match the overall vibe.

"I loved choosing and recording the song for this," Cyrus said. "It enabled me to tie in a music element in a way that fit in so well with the messaging of this campaign."

While discussing the project, Cyrus detailed the similarities between songwriting and creating a fragrance, explaining that each requires hard work and focus. "I think the process for both of them involves a lot of trial and error, a lot of gut instinct in knowing what you're trying to create and an end result that you believe in," she said. "And it's a combination of layers and ingredients that leads to one cohesive, beautiful result at the end of it."

For Cyrus, Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is the embodiment of self-expression and optimism, two things that are a reflection of her relationship with beauty as a whole. "To me, beauty is making sure I feel like the best version of myself inside and out," she said. "Outer beauty for me starts with the inside. You have to feel beautiful from the inside first."

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