Beauty Poll Proves Millennials Love Contouring, Hate Washing Their Hair

One of our favorite pastimes is observing as strangers apply makeup during our commutes. Why? It's an opportunity to see what products our peers are loving and using — and to add new items to our beauty shopping lists. Now Influenster, a beauty product discovery and review platform, is offering us even more insight to millennial behavior when it comes to hair and makeup.

Influenster interviewed over 5,000 millennial American women on their beauty habits and put together this infographic of their findings. We've long known that millennials shirk traditional trends, but even we were surprised by some of the survey results. Did you know that over one third of gals ages 18-34 only wash their hair every three days or more? No wonder dry shampoo is so popular with our generation! And as much as women complain about the contouring trend, 51 percent of those polled by Influenster admitted to trying it out and liking their sculpted look.

Other findings were less shocking. MAC Cosmetics, NYX Cosmetics, and Kat Von D were celebrated as the most beloved lipstick brands, while CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Too Faced were celebrated for their mascaras. Considering that those are some of our favorite companies in those categories, we weren't too stunned by this news. Read on to see the rest of Influenster's poll results — how do you measure up?

Courtesy of Influenster