Put Down the Photoshop! This Influencer Likes You Just the Way You Are

We've all done some crazy things #ForTheGram. And if you've ever used Photoshop on your pics (or watched influencers do it to theirs), you know just how drastically the program can alter your looks. Now, one model is speaking out against the practice in an effort to inspire others to embrace their natural beauty.

Amanda Steele is a model and beauty vlogger who has a two-million-strong Instagram following, so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about selfies. She's been candid about her love for filters in the past, writing on Instagram that Alden is her go-to for looking tan. But in a series of tweets on July 27, Amanda let us know in no uncertain terms that she is not here for extreme photoshopping.

"People edit themselves so much on Instagram it's sad that people can't just appreciate natural beauty," Amanda began. "How is ANYONE supposed to live up to these expectations when they are false??"

She clarified that "It is one thing for magazines/campaigns to Photoshop photos," but it is "not fair" when the same practice is extended to Instagram.

To be clear, Amanda isn't railing against those who make small edits, such as brushing over blemishes or reducing redness. "I totally get skin smoothing and detailing to make a more flawless photo, but I know [so] many people who literally reshape themselves."

The model summed up her epic rant with, "I love you. You're beautiful. F*ck the fake. Mic drop I'm out."

Read on for her full body-positive Twitter tirade, where she talks about how unrealistic beauty expectations impacted her own self-image.