Effective Ways to Stop Feeling (and Looking) Tired All the Time

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The worst comment someone can make? "Are you tired? Are you sick?" when really, it's your skin that's tired. Yes, your skin can appear tired, even if you aren't, and it can be caused by a few different things. For instance, is your skin dehydrated? A lack of water can leave your skin looking dull and sallow.

If it is, you need a face cream that hydrates — and this a big point, so listen up: having dry skin and having dehydrated skin are two different issues that require different remedies. If you have dry skin, it's because your skin lacks oil, and you can benefit from using a heavy-duty moisturizer to help balance your oil-less skin. If you're dehydrated, your skin lacks water, and it can be replenished by using a face cream that includes ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin. One ingredient that does this is molecular hydrogen.

Molecular hydrogen has been used in baths and in drinkable form in Japan and Korea and is now gaining steam in America. Perricone MD's Hydrating Cloud Cream ($80), a lightweight face cream, includes the ingredient to help replenish lost hydration and renew your skin for a brighter, more supple look.

And if you're always feeling tired, we feel you! There are a variety of factors that come into play. You could be getting too much sleep. You could be eating the wrong foods. Or you could be just sitting at your desk for too long! Watch the video to learn how to feel more energized and how to keep your skin from looking tired, too.