Beauty Vlogger Nabela Noor Tears Down Fat-Shamers in 1 Must-See Video

If you are A) a woman and, B) putting yourself out there on the internet, chances are, you'll face some trolls. No one knows this better than Nabela Noor, who in a recently uploaded video addressed a specific set of awful commenters: fat-shamers. In the vlog, titled "YES I'M FAT," she gets candid about the overwhelming, unsolicited critiques she gets about her weight whenever she posts beauty tutorials.

Yes I'm fat, and I love makeup, and I do a great job applying makeup.

"I have found that people feel it is their obligation, it is their duty, to let me know that I'm overweight. To let me know that I'm fat. And to remind me that it is so unhealthy for me," she explains with an exasperated sigh. "It seems I can't even post content without being told or reminded of my body."

Nabela, who has an impressive following of 359,000+ on YouTube and 135,000 on Instagram, goes on to say she can't escape debates about her weight in the comments section, and even when she tries to filter them out, they come into her direct messages. She admitted she "silently suffer[ed]" and the negativity did discourage her, making her feel isolated. "Am I supposed to hide away because I'm fat?" she wonders aloud, "It's as though I should be in a closet hidden away and not come out until I'm society's definition of beauty."

Fortunately, Nabela comes to the realization that these limiting ideas of what "beautiful" is are exactly why she should be making videos. "I need to challenge the idea that we can't love ourselves," she says, "Yes, I'm fat, and I'm fashionable. Yes I'm fat, and I love makeup, and I do a great job applying makeup."

The reason she created this video was to not only reach out to people who might be facing the same challenges, but also confront the haters. She offers them some powerful food for thought: "You are being so destructive with your words, not realizing what someone's building for their lives," she says. "I will not reserve my happiness for a later date or a later weight."

Watch the full video, below.