Nick Cannon Pays Tribute to Late Son, Zen, With New Tattoo Days After 5-Month-Old's Death

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Just days after the death of his 5-month-old son, Zen Scott Cannon, who died of brain cancer and a subsequent brain tumor, Nick Cannon paid a special tribute to the baby by getting a tattoo in his honor. "This is a week when I've seen so much love, y'all, more love than I've probably ever experienced. Even in the midst of a loss, I've gotta say thank you to y'all," Cannon told his audience on The Nick Cannon Show on Friday before revealing the "pic of the day": a photo of his new tattoo.

"It was a lot of pain but it was well worth it."

"That's actually my rib right there," he explained, holding up a picture of his left rib with a fresh tattoo of a baby wearing a halo, angel wings, and a sash that reads "Zen." "Last night, I got the opportunity to go get a tattoo of my son, Zen, as an angel on my ribs. I'm still all bandaged up and it hurts right here right now . . . It was a lot of pain but it was well worth it. I enjoyed every moment of the experience to forever have my son right here as my rib, right here on my side, as my angel."

Cannon said the tattoo took about five and a half hour to complete, but he's grateful for the experience and that he will forever have a physical reminder of his son's brief but beautiful life. See footage of Cannon receiving the sweet tattoo here.