Olivia Culpo Reveals Why You Should Never Use Hotel Hair Dryers

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A quick scroll through Olivia Culpo's Instagram and you can tell she's a definite beauty girl. She'll try sophisticated hair trends like a high ponytail, go bold with a red lip for events, and just as easily, do a complete 180 by going makeup free in her selfies. It's this constant change in her routine that keeps all her looks fresh, an observation that didn't go unnoticed when we met up with her at GHD's event in NYC. She had her hair up in a voluminous side braid, which she called "Elsa hair," and wore a dusty pink monochromatic look that seemed to brighten up that dreary, rainy Thursday.

Though Olivia was clearly in full-on glam mode (we expected nothing less), she filled us in on her actual daily makeup routine, which was surprisingly simple and involves no mascara — a staple many of us swear by. During our brief chat, the soft-spoken star even shared a story about a freak hair dryer incident, leading us to conclude that Olivia's frankness is just another quality we like about her. Read on to see what other beauty tips Olivia divulged and then check out that time she taught us how to contour like a Kardashian.

Olivia on How Her Style's Evolved From Her Pageant Days

"There’s a certain style to pageants, which is different than how I dress now. For example, it’s a bit more glam, the hair is bigger, the makeup is more dramatic, and there are fake lashes [all] for the cameras. It’s kind of its own area of fashion and beauty trends, but sometimes I like to incorporate that into looks today, like if I want to go heavier on the eye or if I want to use some hair extensions.”

Olivia on Embracing New Hair Trends

"I love to have my hair off my face. I like to try every trend out there. I really like the wet look that Kim Kardashian did for the VMAs. It’s so different."

Olivia on That Time a Blow Dryer Took Out a Chunk of Her Hair

“Hotels have the worst hair dryers. One time I didn’t have my GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer ($99) and I was at my sister’s boyfriend’s house. I used his hair dryer and it burnt a whole chunk of my hair out of my head. I have a lot of hair, so I covered [up the spot], but that was when I decided to never use a mystery hair dryer again.”

Olivia on Her Usual Makeup Routine

“On a day-to-day basis, not going to events, I barely wear any makeup. I usually wear no mascara and a little bit of tinted moisturizer. I love Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer. It’s very hydrating and sheer, which I like for minimal coverage.”

Olivia on How to Keep Skin Healthy While Traveling

“I love using my Clarisonic, it helps to clean my pores. I notice a difference in not using it for one day because the next day, I will break out. After that, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream ($145) and in the morning, I use Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm ($38) under the eye.”

Olivia on Her Favorite Sheet Masks

“I love SK-II sheet masks ($135) and I like to sleep in the Charlotte Tilbury overnight mask ($145). Right now, I’m also into the L'Oréal clay masks ($13 each) with the different colors to target skin zones."

Olivia on One of Her Favorite Looks For the InStyle Awards
Getty | JB Lacroix

Olivia on One of Her Favorite Looks For the InStyle Awards

“For the InStyle Awards we used the Platinum Styler by GHD ($249) to get that sleek look at the back. The red lip was great with the Galvan London dress. It was one of my favorite looks in a really long time.”

Olivia on Finding That Selfie Angle

“I think the most important thing is lighting. You have to get the light in front of you, not behind you. At this point, I think everyone has got that down. For the angle, the trick is to actually find your angle. Everyone has a different face shape and features they want to play up, so just find what works for you. Practice makes perfect.”