It May Be Brutal Out Here, but These Sour Manicures Are Anything But

Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut album, Sour, just over a month ago, and within days of its release, it had already solidified itself as a classic. The project has been praised by critics over the last few weeks for its '90s teen-anthem vibe, but its angsty lyrics have inspired more than just a few thousand Instagram captions. People are showing their support for Rodrigo's body of work by creating Sour-inspired manicures — and they're all so damn good.

Most of the nail art that's out there mimics the album's cover art, which features Rodrigo posing in front of a lavender background with a multitude of stickers on her face and the word "sour" spelled out on her tongue in cutout letters. Read ahead to check out some of our favorites.