"Paint Chip" Nails Are Made For the Indecisive Folk

If you've ever spent a solid 10 minutes staring at the wall of nail polish at the salon and still struggled to settle on a single color, you may be indecisive — but you're definitely not alone. If you fall under this camp, allow us to introduce you to "paint chip" nails. This manicure trend involves painting a different shade on each nail, often in an order that resembles a gradient.

When you glance down at your hands, you might be reminded of the trend's namesake "paint chips," or the strips of paper you pick up from Home Depot that offer a variety of shades to choose from for your living room walls. The big distinction here, in comparison to the popular "skittles" nails look, is that these varying polish hues are all from the same color family. Plus, where you can get creative is in the undertones: some fans of the trend are using a single shade in a variety of tones, while others have been opting for a neutral manicure of just warm or cool hues. The good news is there's no right or wrong with this one, and there's plenty of room to experiment.

Check out some of our favorite examples of the colorful "paint chip" nail-art trend, ahead.

Brown Paint Chip Nails

Red Paint Chip Nails

Pink Paint Chip Nails

Blue Paint Chip Nails

Purple Paint Chip Nails

Matte Paint Chip Nails

Neon Paint Chip Nails

Pastel Paint Chip Nails

Bright Paint Chip Nails

Green Paint Chip Nails

Matte Blue Paint Chip Nails

Glossy Paint Chip Nails