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Clarisonic Tips

Stop, No! 10 Ways You're Using Your Clarisonic Totally Wrong

  1. You don't fine-tune your brush head. As an extra step you can remove the outer ring of the Clarisonic brush head and use the inner circle in that tight crevice around the nose. Just beware of extra splashing!
  2. You don't clean it with shampoo. Dr. Robb recommends cleansing the Clarisonic after every use with a bit of shampoo to keep the bristles clear of residue and oil.
  3. You stopped using it because of a breakout. Transient acne is a potential side effect for first-time Clarisonic users. The stimulation of the skin can cause bacteria to rise to the surface in the form of a pimple. The solution: Scale back your use to once a day, but keep with it. Things should clear up after about two weeks of continual use.
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