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Is My Hair Color Making Me Look Old?

This Hair Color Faux Pas Could Make You Look Older

Is My Hair Color Making Me Look Old?
Image Source: Ramirez-Tran Salon

First off, let's clarify what lived-in color is. Sure, it looks beachy, but in terms of the actual service, it seems like a double process. Having Johnny as my colorist, I know that I am in-and-out of his chair about three times, hitting the sink two to three times as well. Although he didn't clarify his methods (hey, it's his secret sauce, after all), he did compare it to . . . a colon cleanse.

"What’s that thing that's a cleanse that goes up your butt?" says Johnny with a smile. (An employee at the salon responds.) "Someone told me that food gets trapped in your body from years and years ago. So a colonic cleans (it out). Even though it sounds gross, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going through the whole head of hair and I’m taking old color buildup from years of people getting their color done from different places. I’m putting something in the hair’s ass, and I’m going in there and I’m getting rid of all the stuff that doesn’t belong there."

Well, that's one way to put it! After the initial "cleanse," if you will, then it's minimal touchups.

"At first, I go in there and I go through every little corner where there’s buildup. Then I re-create that look, like you’ve had it for awhile. It’s something you can pull off for six months or more if you don’t have any grey hair. It’s also getting healthy."

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