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Valentine's Day Beauty Hacks

How to Fix Every Awkward Beauty Date-Night Moment in a Snap

Valentine's Day Beauty Hacks

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The dilemma: You've got the perfect lingerie picked out for a steamy evening of activities, but after further investigation, you realize there's a sea of bright red bumps along your bikini line.

The solution: Preparation is truly key for this snafu: always exfoliate, always use the best and cleanest tools, and follow up with a moisturizer post-shave or wax. Prevention is also hindsight, though, and we're here to help with your bump invasion.

Step one: apply a hot compress (or hot water) to the area for about three minutes. This will bring the ingrown hair to the surface and soften your skin. Next, dry off and then reach for your toner. Yes, the toner you use for your face. If it contains salicylic acid, that's even better. Apply it to the ingrown hairs with a cotton ball.

If you want, you can take a pair of sterilized tweezers and gently tug hairs that have come to the surface. Just don't pick at your skin or you'll make it worse. Cover up any redness with green concealer and then your go-to foundation and setting powder.

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