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Can You Use Loose Setting Powder as Dry Shampoo?

The Most Effective Dry Shampoo May Be Hiding in Your Makeup Bag

Can You Use Loose Setting Powder as Dry Shampoo?

The talc-free formula instantly soaked up excess oil better than any quality dry shampoo at the top of my current lineup and left cleaner, less greasy roots as a result.

The application was surprisingly easy. At first, I tapped the product into my hands, which got a little messy in my bathroom but which was effective nonetheless. Then, I tapped a sprinkle directly at the root straight from the jar, which made it hard to control quantity. I found the best way to evenly apply the product was tapping some into the cap and using a fluffy brush to dust the powder along your roots, section by section.

I actually found this to be even more effective at combating the grease-factor than a powerhouse aerosol spray. But the real game-changing difference for me was the soft, silky feel that replaced the typical hay-like, chalky texture that's inevitable with most other dry shampoos.

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