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HBO Max's Legendary Makeup Artist Interview

The Beauty on HBO Max's Legendary Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen on TV Before

HBO Max's Legendary Makeup Artist Interview
Image Source: HBO Max / Makeup Pictured by Third Chair Makeup Artist Chris Milone

Not even 10 minutes into the first episode of Legendary and you'll see how beauty-centric the HBO Max series is. For each ball, the houses come up with a theme for their performance, and Gunter's team of hairstylists and makeup artists have the task of making them a reality. "Things are based on themes and categories within those themes," Gunter told POPSUGAR. "We got together with all the houses, we'd discuss what the looks were going to be, and we would just get it going."

But this wasn't a situation where the beauty team had weeks or even days to prep. "Our turnaround time was fairly quick," Gunter said. "The department heads would all sit together with each house and discuss what look they wanted within the theme. We would then build from that and try to put it together and create something. That was like a one- or two-day process because that's all the time we have before the ball."

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