1 Woman Immortalized Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement in a Lip Painting

We've covered the impossibly intricate work of the talented makeup artist Jazmina Daniel before. She's known for painting tiny, painstaking masterpieces (including a photorealistic image of Harry Potter!) onto her lips. But her latest creation is possibly her most impressive.

In a design that took four hours to complete, Jazmina re-created Beyoncé's now-iconic pregnancy announcement on her pout. She incorporated liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Tarte, and Coloured Raine into the look, but we're especially intrigued by what tools the artist used. After all, look at the fine detail! Queen Bey's eyes are smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen, yet perfectly painted. We can't wait to see what Jazmina whips up next.