The Surprising Effect Prince Harry's Beard Has Had on Skincare Sales

We're currently in the midst of a beard resurgence, and researchers have speculated that all signs point to Prince Harry. In the last three years, product sales in the UK for items such as beard oil and razors have increased by 226 percent, according to market research firm IRI, making the grooming industry now worth about £5 million (or $6.6 million USD).

"Beards are growing, literally," Chloe Humphrey-Page, who leads the health and beauty retail insight solutions team for IRI, told The Telegraph. "If you thought the beard trend was going away, then think again. It's never been more popular, and the Royal Wedding will only add to this popularity."

She explained that Prince Harry's decision to marry in uniform while sporting his famous, perfectly groomed red beard was widely covered by the media, and it demonstrates that even royals are all about the beard trend. She adds that it's just not the bushy overgrown beard that's so popular, but rather the neat and tidy version — à la Prince Harry — that's particularly trendy right now.

Clearly, there's no denying the Meghan Markle Effect and Kate Middleton Effect is real — manufacturers can't keep product in stock after either princess is seen in its goods — but perhaps the Prince Harry Beard Effect might just be the next big thing.