This Incredible Prism Roots Hair Trend Will Make You Feel Like a Walking Kaleidoscope

As if we needed any more proof, rainbow hair is here to stay. Unique colorful strands always catch my eye, whether it's denim dye, a subtle opal hue, or now, dramatic prism roots. This trippy trend, that's like looking straight into a kaleidoscope, starts with bright multicolored roots that fade into a mesmerizing light pastel hue. If you're getting major unicorn vibes from this hairstyle, you're definitely not alone. There's something magical about strands that highlight every color on the spectrum.

In one photo caption, hair artist Kristina Cheeseman describes the unique hair color as being "perfect for that person that thrives on change and likes to try new things." Count me in! Plus, when you rock every color of the rainbow, your hair will match with any outfit. What could be better?