PÜR's Newest Collaboration Will Make You Sing, "Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party"


Barbie is a woman of many talents and pursuits, the latest of which is a makeup collaboration with PÜR. The collection is in honor of the doll's 60th anniversary (and boy, does she look good) and includes an array of sparkling pink makeup that will look as good on your vanity as it would in a Dreamhouse.

Among the shimmering products are an eye shadow palette, highlighter, eyelashes, a makeup brush, and a selection of lipsticks — all in packaging that will make your inner 5-year-old scream with delight.

"Barbie is such an iconic figure that many of us have grown up with over the years, so we wanted to create a really fun and inspiring collection that furthers her mission through the use of makeup," PÜR's Vice President of Marketing and Innovation Tisha Thompson said.

Everything from the products chosen to the colors and shade names was inspired by the iconic doll. "Barbie naturally sparks that inner girly-girl within each of us, so we wanted superglam shades that were combined with wearable colors to maximize the use of this collection," Thompson said. "We allowed Mattel's mantra of 'limitless potential' to inspire us throughout the entire development phase for a finished product that fits into any lifestyle, whether you're an entrepreneur, teacher, doctor, artist, student, etc."

Regardless of who you grew up to be, these colors are just as much fun to play with as Barbie was when you were a kid. Check out the gorgeous collaboration ahead, which will become available to shop on the brand's website starting Aug. 2.