11 Quick Beauty Fixes For Every Situation

We know you're busy, which is why we partnered with Crest for these quick-fix beauty tricks that are so helpful when you're rushing out the door.

Everyone has those days — you know what I'm talking about. You rush out the door, proud of yourself for actually leaving on time, only to find deodorant stains on your blouse once you land in your chair. It's OK; we have solutions for beauty blunders to get you pulled together in no time. And these fixes are the beauty hacks you need to know for solving just about any drama.

  1. Yellow nails: You decide to go polish free for the day only to reveal dingy, yellow nails. Instead of slathering on another layer of polish, try this whitening remedy instead.
  2. Deodorant stains: There's nothing worse than discovering deodorant marks on your favorite shirt — and then making everything worse after you rub away at them. Check out this beauty hack for making those marks disappear.
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  1. Frizz: On the days your hair is frizzing out and sticking up due to static cling, reach for a dryer sheet, which calms the electricity and smooths hair. Just gently slide over locks and enjoy your relaxed hair — and the bonus fresh scent.
  2. Too much blush: You got a bit overzealous with your blush and now you look a little cheekier than you'd like. Instead of rubbing away at your skin, causing it to go even redder, reach for your foundation and gently work it into the blush using a sponge.
  3. Unset nail polish: It might sound silly, but a drop of oil on the top of your fast manicure stops smudging and divots from happening as you're rushing out the door.
  4. Messy eyeliner: Take your cat eye a bit too far? Reach for some baby oil and an angled sponge for a quick cleanup. Moisten the edge of the sponge with baby oil and work along the eyeliner for a fast fix.
  5. Too much perfume: Instead of overwhelming with your signature scent, here's how to quickly solve the problem when you've spritzed too much.
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  1. Last lipstick check: Before heading out the door, double-check your lipstick with this quick tip. Wash your hands and then put your index finger in your mouth. Close your mouth and pull out your finger — and any excess lipstick that might have ended up on your teeth!
  2. Under-eye shadow: So your perfect eye shadow has drifted onto your cheekbones, but wiping away with your fingers will only smooth the pigment into skin, really giving you raccoon eyes. Instead, dip an angled sponge in moisturizer and smooth it away. The lotion picks up the shadow without blending it into your makeup.
  3. Shiny skin: You run to the bathroom midafternoon only to be met with a ton of supershine. Instead of blotting with paper towels, which can smudge your makeup, reach for a crinkly toilet seat cover. Tear off a piece and press it against your skin, lifting oils and leaving your face in place.
  4. Smelly underarms: We're busy, which means at some point you're going to break a sweat. For when underarms aren't as fresh as they should be, reach for some hand sanitizer and gently dab it under your arms. The antibacterial qualities will bust through the smell and keep you smelling lovely for the rest of the day.

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