Timothée Chalamet Simultaneously Ruined and Saved My Life With His New Haircut

Out of all his qualities, Timothée Chalamet's luscious hair may only marginally take second place to his acting skills. Hmmm . . . maybe third to his precious smile — but his curly chin-length strands are important, OK? So, imagine my horror shock when I heard he'd be ditching his famous style for something shorter and, um, rounder.

After reportedly being cast as Henry V for Netflix's upcoming movie The King, Chalamet appears to have taken his new role to heart (and head) by tackling a medieval style of his own. He's been seen with a short bowl cut recently, the very same style of every skater boy who will leave you on read. How dare he!

While my heart hurt for the hairs he lost, I admit my mourning was short-lived once I saw him take the TIFF red carpet with a little product to push his new style into place. All is forgiven, please forget I ever doubted Lil Timmy Tim, the one true king. If you felt a similar conflict saying goodbye to Timothée's hair or you've chosen to embrace this new look wholeheartedly, check out these fan reactions below. If nothing else, they'll have you chuckling through your tears. Remember, hearts heal and hair grows back.