I Tried 3 Trending TikTok Looks to Find the Perfect Holiday Makeup

There's nothing like spending a few hours scrolling TikTok to spark your creative makeup juices. Especially since I, like pretty much everyone else at this time of year, am searching for a holiday makeup look that leaves me looking effortlessly striking with a dash of seasonal cheer. Sure, I could turn to some of my old faithful looks like a navy smokey eye or a matte orange-red lip, but #BeautyTok has me convinced there's something new and shiny to try out for the upcoming holiday season.

After several hours of scrolling, I believe I found three of the prettiest new makeup ideas to debut over the next few weeks. With various office parties, a trip to the ballet to see "The Nutcracker", and a dinner uptown with a few of my most glamorous friends on my calendar, I decided to test drive my favorite options to see how easy they are to DIY. Keep scrolling for all the holiday makeup inspiration you'll need this year, plus a few key products to stock up your makeup bag.

Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup

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POPSUGAR Photography | Hannah Baxter

Cross my heart, I had already booked tickets to the ballet with my best friend by the time Hailey Bieber coined a catchy new makeup trend earlier this month. Sugar Plum Fairy makeup once again utilizes the sun-kissed blush style of summer's strawberry girl trend in a bright pink shade, which helps replicate that "I was just standing out in the snow with a cup of hot chocolate" look. To get that chilly-cheek look, I used Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Cream Blush in Poppet ($48), and a smattering of Bieber's now-signature faux freckles across the nose and cheeks (I just used a brown pencil liner) and plenty of dewy highlighter on the high points of the face. I left my skin bare otherwise, as Bieber is known to do, with just a touch of undereye concealer to brighten up my face.

Then I filled in and fluffed my brows and added a coat of lengthening mascara. For the eyes I used a blend of cream shimmery shadow across the lids and a taupe contour in the crease, with another layer of sheer gloss (Gucci Luminous Face & Lip Gloss ($37)) to help the whole thing pop. Finally, some Victoria Beckham Lip Definer in No.5 ($28) lipliner in a brownish-mauve shade and a pinkish lip gloss finished out the look. You best believe I'm going to debut this look when I head to Lincoln Center in a few weeks, complete with a seriously over-the-top faux fur coat.

Glazed Cranberry

POPSUGAR Photography | Hannah Baxter

A soft smokey eye with a muted cranberry lip is such a sultry look for the holidays. I wanted to add in plenty of contour to bump up the drama for a night out with my friends, so I used Tower 28 Bronzino Cream Bronzer in Gold Coast ($20) and a dense fluffy brush to work the product under my cheekbones, around my temples, and under my jaw. I used Merit Flush Balm Cheek Color in Après ($30), a sheer berry blush to add some warmth to my cheeks as well as a shimmery highlight at the high points of my face and my Cupid's bow.

For the eyes I added a bit of dark brown shadow in the crease and along my lower lashes and topped it with a shimmery golden cream shadow to catch the light. Next came a liquid eyeliner for a subtle cat eye, which I miraculously nailed on the first try (always a cause for celebration). I added some gel liner in my upper water line to help darken the base of my blonde eyelashes before going in with two coats of volumizing mascara.

On my lips I reached for — what else? — a glossy cranberry tint, specifically Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm in Haze 135 ($36). The slightly sheer shade helped balance out the bold eye moment without ever looking too heavy.

Vinyl Lips

POPSUGAR Photography | Hannah Baxter

A red lip is quintessential holiday glamour, and this year I decided to embrace the vinyl lip trend as a new variation. Since the rest of my makeup was going to be very minimal (aside from my lips of course) I wanted to make sure my complexion was super even toned and glowy. I used a thin layer of Revlon Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation ($18), applying with a stippling brush to help it melt into the skin. Then a wash of peachy blush helped brighten up my cheeks and add a bit of natural-looking contour.

For my lashes, I wanted to keep them fluttery and curled, so a single coat of black mascara helped them remain weightless for a night of mingling at the bar with my boyfriend's co-workers. I added a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes to open them up and keep the rest of my face from looking too flat.

The real star of the show were my lips, and I needed to find the perfect rich red hue to suit the occasion. Ultimately I turned to a luscious ruby red that is sadly discontinued (don't worry, I found an identical dupe: Dior Rouge Dior Velvet Lipstick in 999 ($45)) and topped it off with plenty of clear gloss — Squish Jelly Lip Gloss ($14) to be exact — until my lips were lacquered to perfection. I love the contrast of a fairly bare face with an intense pop of lip color, so this look might be my favorite of the bunch, but any of the three are ideal for a holiday party circuit this season.