How I Mastered Glitter Eye Makeup Without Going Full-On "Euphoria"

Hannah Baxter
Hannah Baxter
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Ask any millennial in their 30s, and I guarantee they have a thing for glitter. We are the generation of sparkle roll-ons from Bath & Body Works and Clarie's loose glitter pots. The Spice Girls shaped our maximalist beauty aesthetic as soon as we could get our hands on their VHS rental (I know, I know). So it stands to reason that even as we enter the murky waters of middle age, our love for sparkles refuses to yield to all-over neutrals or anything overly "safe." Still, I'm not as eager to douse myself in head-to-toe glitter as I used to be — but I've found that an expertly wielded glitter eye pencil is the ideal hint of flair for any beauty look, especially during the holidays.

The December party circuit is in full swing, which means I'm rushing to a cocktail event or a friend's cozy Brooklyn potluck at least two to three nights a week. That equates to a lot of seasonally festive looks and some accompanying glam. Rather than attempt yet another latte-inspired makeup look, it felt time to try out some additional sparkly shades for my next night out. Given that I adore glitter but am also not enthusiastic enough to design a full face beat every time I leave my apartment, a glitter eye pencil has become my new beauty secret weapon.

How to Do Easy, Subtle Holiday Glitter Makeup

First thing's first: I covered a smattering of dark spots across my forehead and around my nose with Glossier Stretch Balm Concealer ($22), my go-to for buildable coverage. Then I sculpted my cheeks with the Ilia Multi-Stick in Tenderly ($36), a dewy baby pink that looks like you're lit with a ring light at all times. I filled my brows in with the Kimiko Superfine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique ($31) and brushed them up with the Joey Healy Brow Structure Clear Set ($25).

Two weeks into the month and I was feeling particularly lazy (there's been a lot of festivities and Champagne), so I decided to double up on my liners for a sparkling rose gold and golden yellow look. To prevent color transfer, I first curled my lashes and then applied a line of Diorshow 24H Stylo in 556 Pearly Gold ($34), which has the most beautiful subtle shimmer, around the inner corner of my eyes and across my lid, close to the lash base. I followed that line with Revlon ColorStay Multiplayer Liquid-Glide Eye Pencil in Queen of Hearts ($12), which is a super-creamy formula with a hint of glitter. I finished with a layer of Victoria Beckham Beauty Vast Lash Mascara ($32) to keep my lashes lifted throughout the soirée and a swipe of No. 1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm in 6 Berry Boost ($45), which looks like a dreamy afterglow flush. The overall effect felt like a unique departure from the standard glitter look, and the duo of shades garnered plenty of compliments throughout the evening. Plus, I was able to put the look together in less than 10 minutes. For once, I arrived on time to the party — a true Christmas miracle.