Rihanna Is the Queen of Manicures, and Here's Proof

Rihanna has been a master of beauty trends almost as long as she's been dominating the music charts, and her manicures are nearly as impressive as every single or new Fenty Beauty product she releases. The 31-year-old has worn a slew of cutting-edge nail art and colors over the last new months, including vibrant neons, stone-inspired nail art, and colorful color-block designs.

Her nail looks are guaranteed to inspire your next manicure the same way her daring hair and makeup looks influence you to experiment more with your look.

Check out the amazing manicures she's been wearing ahead, courtesy of her go-to manicurists Maria Salandra and Jenny Longworth.

Rihanna's Lavender Jade Nails
Instagram | badgalriri

Rihanna's Lavender Jade Nails

This textured nail art was created for Rihanna by Longworth, who told Refinery 29 that she created the look to mimic the singer's favorite jewelry. Longworth explained that she wanted the nails to look like another luxe accessory, and used a brush dipped in acetone to dilute the polish and create the marbled effect.

Rihanna's Skittle Birthday Nails

For her 31st birthday, Rihanna visited Salandra for a colorful Skittles-inspired manicure. Each one of her fingers had a different colored base and french tip combination. French nails have been making a comeback (with a twist) so it's unsurprising the star has already tested it out.

Rihanna's Jade Nails

Longworth has previously given Rihanna a jade-inspired nail look that looked just like the real thing.

Rihanna With Neon Green Nails

Rihanna has been wearing neon green nails for a few months now, further exemplifying her trendsetting ways. Back in March, POPSUGAR asked celebrity manicurist Jenny Bui for a nail trend forecast for Spring and Summer, and it included the neon polish trend.

Rihanna With Sparkly White Nails

At the end of last year, the singer wore sparkling white nails to ring in 2019.